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The Medical Assistant Resume

Most doctors and facilities expect a certain amount of skills.

This Might Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Write!

Employers who hire medical assistants will pay particular attention to your training, years of experience
and any specialty certifications you might have. Any of these added to your resume is like a blinking job
magnet that says: "Look at me! Me! Me! Me!" It is very important that you highlight your training, years of
job experience, current certifications and important qualifications, special certificates in technical fields or
skills, OSHA, CPR, First Aid.

Start sentences with "I and I am" and present tense verbs, such as "type 35 wpm, answer telephones,
trained in phlebotomy, CPR certified." Below are tested and proven resume writing tips that cut right to
the heart of the matter. Immediately below the top section of your resume (containing your name,
address, etc.) add a short section expressing one of these: your professional objective, or goal. Make it
meaningful and directly geared toward the job.

Whenever you see a medical assistant job ad, e.g. on Indeed.com you can use it as an example for
most medical assistant job announcements. It usually includes a list of expected duties and
qualifications. Research the position, then tailor your resume to it.

  "To obtain a permanent position as a medical assistant in both, administrative and clinical areas."
  "To apply my versatile administrative and clinical medical assistant skills in all areas of the practice."
  "To utilize my vast experience in assisting with patient care procedures, clerical and other duties as

So here you have it! Most doctors and facilities expect a certain amount of skills. You should add into
your cover letter that you are able to schedule appointments, accurately take and record vital signs,
understand elements of a patient’s chart, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and include any medical
office management software skills you have, e.g. MediTech and MS Word and Excel.

Medical Assistant Sample Resume

Add that you are highly organized, able to pay attention to detail, very good at multi-tasking, computer
skills and efficient in handling of administrative duties (e.g. scheduling appointments, maintaining medical
records), taking brief medical histories, injections, phlebotomy and vital signs, as well as in performing
common patient health screening tests such as allergy skin testing, spirometry, EKG, or oxymetry.

Include your:

  • Name
  • Contact address and phone numbers
  • Work history
  • Education history
  • Continuing professional development
  • Professional certifications/credentials
  • References
  • Technical skills and qualifications
  • Awards/Recognitions
  • Certificates
  • Languages
  • Additional areas of professional interest
  • Letters of recommendation

Include Prior Other Jobs

Many new medical assistant graduates without directly related job experience in a medical office don't realize the value of related responsibilities from prior jobs, such as typing, filing, running a cash register (yes, that can be considered related as it requires skills that attest to accountability and attention to detail), customer service desk with telephone skills, scheduling, routing messages, and highly valued traits such as effective communication, punctuality, dependability, compassion, etc.!
Highlight your knowledge in customer services, filing and properly taking and routing telephone messages.  All these are important medical office skills doctors value and quickly can become a headache for them. If possible, have a few people review your draft before submitting your final version.

learly express your desire to work hard in your cover letter  and that your goal is to help the doctor run his practice efficiently and successfully. Your claim to be diligent should be supported by documentation that attests to your eagerness and qualifications. Documentation of experience, credentials, a flawless track record, as well as letters of recommendation from previous employers can certainly impress a potential employer enough to place your resume high on the list of possible candidates for available positions.
medical assistant sample resume
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