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Please Note: the information contained on this page is provided for information purposes only and should not be considered legal advice, nor is it a substitute or interpretation of regulations established by authorities having jurisdiction over practicing doctors, nurses and their medical assistants in your state. Please contact your State Board of Medical Examiners directly for specific advice, official business, or consult with your attorney. We cannot provide this information to you.

California Medical Assistants FAQ
Supervision of California Medical Assistants
California Business and Professions (Published by Official California Legislative Info site)

Florida Medical Assistants PDF (Published by Florida Department of Health)
Florida Medical Assistants

Iowa Medical Assistants

The Board of Licensure in Medicine of Maine has ruled that physicians
for the actions of unlicensed medical assistants, namely assistants employed by the physician who do not fall under the Board's jurisdiction when they perform any invasive procedure, including the administration of injections.

Nebraska Nurses Delegating Tasks to Medical Assistants
"Nebraska Nurse Practice Act Does Not Interfere with Medical Assisting Practice."
Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, Executive Director, Legal Counsel of AAMA

Nevada Medical Assistants & Medications
A bill added to Nevada state legislature in 2011 allows medical assistants to administer medications under the supervision of a physician.

Anyone interested should read this well publicised article on Las Vegas Review Journal from October 2009 a Nevada medical assistant was being charged with 10 felony counts against her on allegations of “unlawful practice of medicine” - then contact the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners with any specific questions.

New Hampshire
State Board of Nursing of New Hampshire

Medical Assistant Utilization and Supervision in NH:
Medical Assistant Joint Position Statement (published by nh.gov)

New Jersey
Anyone interested should read this: Delegation of administration of subcutaneous and
intramuscular injections to certified medical assistants:

Medical Assistant Laws by State 1