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Please Note: the information contained on this page is provided for information purposes only and should not be considered legal advice, nor is it a substitute or interpretation of regulations established by authorities having jurisdiction over practicing doctors, nurses and their medical assistants in your state. Please contact your State Board of Medical Examiners directly for specific advice, official business, or consult with your attorney. We cannot provide this information to you.

New York
New York State Board of Nursing

Guidelines for New York State
New York State Utilization of Medical Assistants

New York State Nurses Association
Medical Assistant's Scope of Practice - Appropriate Use of MAs

New Mexico
New Mexico Medical Assistants
The guiding principle may be found on the New Mexico Medical Board web site, under Governing Statute and Rules, in the Medical Practice Act, NMSA 1978, § 61-6-17(I). A New Mexico licensed physician may delegate use of certain devices and procedures to medical assistants. The medical assistant is limited to using medical therapeutic and cosmetic devices, that are non-invasive and non-ablative. The medical assistant MUST be certified to use the specific devices and the delegating physician shall remain responsible for the medical acts of the person performing the medical act. “Direct supervision” means a physician must be present in the office at the time the medical act is being performed by the properly trained assistant or technician.


South Dakota
The South Dakota Medical Board has set their standards especially high by requiring all medical assistants employed within their state to be registered through the state. This process is stringent and also involves a thorough background check. California medical assistants who draw blood samples for analysis must be certified.

South Dakota Legislature:
S. Dakota Laws for Medical Assistants

South Dakota Board of Nursing:
South Dakota Board of Nursing Text

Texas Medical Assistants:
Delegation and Responsibility of Delegated Acts

Virginia Medical Assistants

Washington State

Wisconsin Medical Assistants

Medical Assistant Laws by State 2