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Medical Assistant Final Exam

You faithfully attended all medical assistant classes, took notes and turned in all assignments month
after month and now your medical assistant finals are FINALLY coming up. Yay! Or may be not?
It's time to get ready for your medical assistant finals and
suddenly your brain is firing blanks!

Preparing For Your Finals

Medical assistant final exams are given at the end of a formal vocational training program to allow the
student to graduate. National professional certification bodies then offer certification exams to provide
these successful graduates with industry recognized professional credentials. To be better prepared for
your medical assisting finals you should use every resource your instructors provided: your text books,
hand-outs and lecture notes taken in class can be your MOST important and effective study tools. There
also are different medical assistant certification exam textbooks you can buy in book stores and online
from Amazon.com, or sometimes on ebay. It doesn't matter if they are used.

Studying For Your Certification

Many medical assistants are also planning on sitting for a certification exam after graduation. While the
final exam covers everything that was taught in class, the certification exam covers a broad range of
medical assisting areas of knowledge to assure proficiency and competency in all areas of general
medical assisting, clinical and administrative. The exam typically is timed and consists of multiple choice
questions taken either in writing paper or electronically through Prometric testing services, which takes
place in a computer-lab type setting and results will be instantly logged. There are study and review
websites, flash cards online, text books and booklets with medical assistant certification practice
questions for certification applicants. You can contact your chosen certification provider and ask if they
can mail you a practice exam or if one is available for the download on their website.

A medical assistant from Florida tells us in our Medical Assistant forum:
I was surprised that about 85-90% of the exam was on the administrative
(billing, coding, insurance) and not the clinical. Sure there were some questions
on clinical but it did not seem like much... make sure you know your
terminology, body planes, basic math that was covered in Pharmacology.
There were a couple of questions regarding that. Anyway think of it this way...
how did you do in school? Were you a top student? If so then you will do great!"
                                                                          ~Still Hopeful in Florida

Who Qualifies for Certification?
Graduates from approved accredited medical assistant training programs.
Experienced individuals - based on 3-5 years of experience in the
By reciprocity for those who have already passed a generalist medical
assistant certification exam by another approved certification body and are
working in the medical assisting field.
Members of the Armed Forces
An applicant for a certification exam from AMT based on
training received in the Armed Forces/Military must have
completed a 50-week US military laboratory procedures
training program and credits for this training must have
been earned in an accredited college or university leading to
an appropriate allied health, medical technologist degree.

Pre-Exam Anxiety

Medical students understand the importance of being well
prepared and they want to do well when taking their final exams,
but the curriculum was broad and major exams are challenging--
the mere thought of fast approaching medical assistant finals can
trigger apprehension.
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