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Professionalism: remains calm under pressure
Integrity: is honest, respectful and sincere
Dependability: knows the job and respects accepted protocols
Team player: works well in a group or team
Assertiveness: is aware of personal rights
Courtesy: displays positive attitude, responds to patients feelings
Respectful: good listener, non-judgmental, and empathy
Organized: is able to multitask while also pays attention to details
Dedicated: is committed to the doctor and interested in work
Medical assisting falls into the category of non-licensed health care occupations. Trained medical assistants
typically work in an ambulatory setting such as private and group medical practices, HMOs, walk-in emergency
clinics and various other types of out-patient health centers. The assumption that medical assistants aren't being
hired is false. It is estimated that in the USA alone over 819,000 physicians, 77,000 occupational therapists,
along with about 272,000 other therapists and various health professionals hired medical assistants to keep their
office running smooth as they provide health and medical services to children and adults.
A medical assistant is flexible and able to easily float from the front office
(administrative areas and reception) to the back office area (examination and
treatment areas, diagnostic). Primary duties involve appointment scheduling,
registering and rooming patients, taking vital signs, explaining upcoming
medical and diagnostic procedures and keeping the entire office and storage
spaces organized, safe and clean. Attention to detail, accuracy and common
courtesies are essential to prevent errors—so much depends on the medical
assistant—that doctor's could not run their office without them. Imortant traits
and qualities are:
The provision of a skilled, multidisciplinary team is pivotal to the successful delivery of health and medical care.
While medical assistants aren't licensed health care professionals and their training is relatively short, consisting
of basic medical terminology, anatomy, pharmacology, phlebotomy, first aid, medical billing and clinical skills
they handle specific duties ranging from patient intake to assisting doctors during an exam, registering new
patients, verifying health insurance coverage, setting up and organizing examination rooms, scheduling
appointments, collecting and processing co-payments, keeping medical records organized, assisting providers
during a procedure and following up on laboratory results, which all are essential to a successful medical
Medical assistants must be ambitious in their goals, focused, actively engaged and
aware of the latest developments in health care delivery, medical scineces and
community services. Being engaged, pro-active, informed and involved is just as
important as taking blood pressures and medical histories. One way of doing so is by
joining others in the same field. There are professional membership organizations
specifically dedicated to medical assistants through the American Medical
Technologists (AMT), American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and National
Healthcareer Association (NHA) whose services include continuing education programs,
CEUs, workshops and seminars and peer-to-peer networking platforms. Many social
and sharing networks on the Internet also focus on medical assisting topics and trends.
One such highly motivated and engaged medical assistant playing a vital role within her community is Karen Zick
of Fairview Internal Medicine in Great Barrington in the Berkshires. Not only is she a dedicated medical
assistant, but she also serves on her town’s Board of Health and is a qualified candidate for a seat on the
three-member Select Board where she is running for a three-year term.